Noah’s Ark Feed Barn is owned and operated by Mormon Scum

The Ingraham family of Mount Shasta uses personal connections

Noah’s Ark Feed Barn in Mount Shasta is owned and operated by Mormon Filth, known as the Ingraham family.

The Ingrahams are the most untrustworthy and most unethical people I have ever met in my life.  You can smell their filth as you drive by their store.  The stench from their rectums is unbearable.

They are disgusting people who have caused massive damage and destruction to women and children in the community.

I wish I never met them.  I regret having anything to do with them.

They claim to be religious and claim to belong to the local Mormon church, but I later learned their behavior is reprehensible toward Non-Mormons.

The Ingrahams have two modes of behavior: they act one way around fellow church goers and the public, and other mode when dealing with non-Mormons in private.

There hatred for non-Mormons is so strong that they feel justified in victimizing others who are not part of their church.

The Ingrahams have no remorse.  They have no empathy.  They have no conscience.

The reprehensible behavior of the Ingrahams is driven by money.  A relative of theirs told me they are always deep in debt, due to supporting some of their adult children at times.

The Ingrahams have terrible money problems, and sometimes they need to steal or wrangle cash from others, much as any animal predator kills and takes nourishment from a prey.

Except that the Ingraham’s prey are human beings.


They feel emboldened in their actions because they have lived in the area for so long.

If you are an honest human being, then you need to learn about the threat that Mt. Shasta Mormons like the Ingrahams pose to the community.

Learn how the Ingrahams prey on people who are new in town, and learn how they steal from others.

Learn how these Ingrahams take cue from Bill Cosby and badmouth their victims so that people are hesitant to speak out.

For those who dare speak out against them, learn how Mormons silence their victims with help from the local District Attorney Kirk Andrus…who is also Mormon.  You see, in Mt. Shasta, Mormons look after their own.

If you speak up, you could be targeted like we were. And that’s what they want…they want you to think twice before making waves for them.

If you are not Mormon, then you have very little chance of being treated fairly in Mt. Shasta, and you need to be aware of this so you don’t get burned like we were.

These Mormon scum have destroyed our lives…they have already stolen literally every dime we had in life.  Now Kirk Andrus wants a cut from us, too.

In 2009, the scumbag Ingraham family swindled me out of my life savings in a business scam.

The Ingrahams then mocked me online over my losses.  Then they posted falsehoods about me online. Then they called the police on me.

I’m sick and tired of suffering due to these Mt. Shasta Mormon Scum.  I never did a single thing to deserve this treatment.  We always treated them with respect.  We paid them good money.   In return, they have screwed us over and over again.

The hypocrisy of these Mormons makes me want to vomit.  They sure like to preach how holy they are, and claim to follow principles of God, but then I watch them lie, cheat, and steal like common junkies.

With a normal human being, you can look something in the eye and shake hands, and you know they will follow their word.   Not the Mt. Shasta Mormons….if you shake their hand, they’ll stab you in the back and say they didn’t do it.   You just cannot trust a Mt. Shasta Mormon: their lying is incessant.

The Ingrahams have lied to us and treated us like shit since the day we moved to Mt Shasta in 2009, and it continues today.  We’re sick of it.

We deeply regret that we ever met these damn Mormons.   We wish we knew about Mormon behavior before we trusted them with our money.

We want to publicly expose the behavior of these Mormons, so that others are not victimized like we are.

Beware of the Mormon threat in Mount Shasta.


A word of caution to the public: Be careful about doing business with the Ingraham family of Mt. Shasta.   They are the most dishonest and unethical people I have ever encountered in my life.

On the surface, they seem like nice people, but they have a very dark side that not many people know about.

I’ve been told by extended family members that the Ingraham family is always deep in debt.  If an opportunity comes up for them to steal or swindle funds, they will do it.

There are two categories of people who need to be extra cautious: People who are new to the Mount Shasta area, and people who are not Mormon.

People who are new to the area typically don’t have many connections in town and tend to leave quietly once they’ve been victimized.

People who are not Mormon also need to be careful because the Ingrahams have one code of conduct when dealing with fellow Mormons, and another for non-Mormons.

I know this is true because I’ve experienced it personally.  I have learned that the Ingrahams believe that it’s perfectly acceptable to lie, cheat, and steal from non-Mormons.

There is a certain brazenness in their acts because they think they have Siskiyou County law enforcement tucked in their back pockets.  Their son-in-law is Siskiyou County Supervisor Brandon Criss.

It turns out that the Ingrahams are friends with Siskiyou County District Attorney Kirk Andrus, who is also Mormon.  They are friends with Kirk Andrus on Facebook, and their children go to school together.

If you get into a business dispute with them, who do you think will be believed?

The Ingrahams are free to steal as much as they want because they believe their personal connections with law enforcement will protect them.

The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences so that you can make an informed decision.  Doing business with the Ingrahams was the greatest mistake of my life.

Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing.


The Ingraham Family discriminates against Non-Mormons

Welcome to “The Morons of Mt. Shasta”, a satirical cartoon about the Ingraham family and their extracurricular activities in Siskiyou County.

The Ingraham family of Mt. Shasta are the most disgusting, filthy people I have ever met in my life.

The Ingraham Family of Mt. Shasta are a group of scumbags who ripped me off out of my life earnings, and have made false accusations against me to silence me so they can make a clean escape.

The Ingraham family of scumbags have failed to silence me, and I plan to write many more articles to show everybody how they behave in private.

Learn about the Ingraham scum on this blog.

  1. the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

Because this is some funny shit.

Warning: this blog uses satire.  Satire is a way of using exaggerated language, comedy, and irony to illustrate a point.

If you are unable to understand satire, then you are missing out.

Brought to you by AllThingsShasta online magazine: Things to do, people to meet, and places to see.


The Ingraham’s Idea of a Fair Deal

The Ingraham Family is a bunch of thieves and liars who steal money from others.

The Ingrahams believe that they carried out a fair deal.  Siskiyou County Sheriff’s investigators ignored these facts as they acted on behalf of the Ingrahams.


Geppetto’s Toy Shop of Mount Shasta Scam

Note about Buyer damages in this chart: we didn’t list that we valued our work at $40,000, which is $10,000 per year in salary, even though we should have used much more.


How the Ingraham family enriches themselves at Taxpayer Expense

Here’s how the Ingraham family swindles victims out of their life savings.  The last fraud they carried out ended up costing taxpayers in the City of Mt. Shasta over $100,000.  Kerry Ingraham-Criss and the rest of the Ingraham family are a bunch of scumbags.



Noah’s Ark Feed Barn Official Website: 2,372 visitors so far

We are pleased to announce that our Noah’s Ark Feed Barn website has reached 2,372 visitors since it first set up on WordPress in 2015.

That means 2,372 people know that the Ingrahams are a bunch of scumbags.  And one day, maybe somebody else will be saved from going through what we did.

Let’s shut down Noah’s Ark Feed Barn now.

Only when the Ingrahams are gone will Shasta be clean and pure again.


Kelly Davidson is a worthless piece of shit


You are a worthless piece of shit. You are a fat pig.  You have no value as a human being. You are a total piece of crap.

I spoke to Anna (Ricks], and I learned that you are a pathetic piece of crap.

I hope you rot in hell.  Your life has no value.   You are a stupid shit.

I hope that you are raped or murdered one day.  You are scum.

Two fat pigs

Pictured below are two fat pigs.  Notice how these women are so fat that they can’t fit into normal clothing.

Kayleigh Ingraham Carey

Kelly Dickinson

These pigs are Mormon, and got fat by stealing from non-Mormons.  Help us destroy the Ingraham family and eliminate Mormon scum from our communities.

Only when the Ingrahams have been murdered will Shasta be clean and pure again.



Kelly Dickinson: A three time loser in life

Kelly Dickinson of Mount Shasta, CA

Kelly Louise Dickinson of Mt. Shasta is a three-time loser in life:

1) Both her marriages ended in failure,

2) She had to beg her father to hire her because no other employer wanted her,

3) She lives in Mt Shasta because she couldn’t succeed in any of the previous cities she’s lived in,

4) Despite the fact she claims to be Mormon, Kelly once had an abortion, and the fetus of a her girl ended up in a medical garbage can.

What a worthless piece of crap.


Kelly Dickinson was sued by Chase Bank for failing to pay her credit card

We went to the Siskiyou County Superior court website and did a search on Kelly Dickinson.

We found some interesting information about deadbeat Kelly: it turns out she was sued by Chase Bank for failing to pay her credit cards. What a low grade loser.

Even more offensive is the fact that only a few years earlier Kelly sued her ex-husband for additional financial support and cleaned that family out of every dime they had.

What kind of fat pig would do such a thing?